Dean Statement

Welcome to UofT Music 2020-2021.

As I write this in April 2020, we are still mostly shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 has had huge global impact on our health and well-being. It has also been devastatingly disruptive for the professional and higher-education sectors in the performing arts. We know that this has created additional anxiety for students and their families as the summer arrives and the next academic season approaches. Given the rapidly evolving conditions, no one knows exactly when constraints on public gatherings will ease, and exactly how the components of our academic and artistic programs will unfold. Rest assured, however, that the extraordinary faculty, staff, and students of UofT Music are working together now to develop a wide range of options to ensure optimal delivery of our rich variety of programs in the coming year. Many courses and programs documented in this Calendar may end up quite looking different in form and content, at least for a while as conditions gradually normalize, but we will continue to work together and to work with you to make sure you get the most of your university experience.

The Mission of the Faculty of Music expresses our commitment “to being an internationally significant institution for artistic and academic excellence in music creation, performance, education, and research.” At UofT Music, “we affirm the transculturally transformative power of music in human experience and the capacity of the arts to build healthier societies. A supportive community, in one of the world’s most diverse and dynamic cities, we are dedicated to preparing the next generation of community-centered globally-informed cultural leaders.”

As faculty members and staff, our role is to provide our students with the best possible range and quality of academic and artistic experience. Yours, as a student, is to explore those opportunities and to create new ones in your own unique voice—to find your own creative path. Personal and musical development demands a high level of physical, intellectual, emotional, and social engagement. The counterpoint of learning requires a harmonic balance of breadth and depth—and a good measure of dissonance! To that end, we encourage you to take a course or two outside your area of specialization or perceived comfort zone. Talk with faculty, staff, and fellow students about your interests and goals. Be bold!

UofT Music has extensive offerings in fields such as classical and jazz performance, music education, composition, music history, music theory, and world music. As rich as our curricula are in these areas, we also explore music’s many intersections with technology, health sciences, and humanities. This Academic Calendar lists some of our outstanding and diverse faculty and support staff, describes our undergraduate programs and courses, and details information about financial assistance, student services, and university regulations. We realize there is a lot of information, so do not hesitate to contact the Registrar’s Office to ask questions and seek guidance. Yet the Calendar captures only a fraction of the activities that take place each year—hundreds of concerts, master classes, workshops, guest lectures, and conferences. You will never have the opportunity again in your lives to be part of so many great events—so be there!

Music and the performing arts have major roles to play in helping to secure the global future. As musicians and musical thinkers you will contribute greatly to that future as tomorrow’s creative cultural leaders. We are proud to have you with us and to share this time with you. Make the most of our faculty, facilities, and location—as part of one of the world’s great universities, in the heart of one of North America’s great cities.

With best wishes for your artistic and academic studies, and for the life-changing experiences that lie ahead,

Don McLean, B.Mus., ARCT, M.A., Ph.D.

Dean and Professor, Faculty of Music, University of Toronto



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