Opera Division

Diploma in Operatic Performance

An advanced diploma to prepare singers, repetiteurs and stage directors for careers in opera.  Only gifted and professionally oriented performers are considered as suitable candidates for this program.  The program requires 2 or possibly 3 years of full-time residency.


Curriculum includes private voice lessons, regular classes in lyric diction, auditioning, acting, stage make-up, movement and acting; master classes with guest operatic professionals; participation in major productions, scenes programs and concerts.

Operatic Repetiteur

This program is designed to train pianists in the work of the Operatic Repetiteur and prepare students for various and demanding responsibilities expected in a professional Opera Company.  Students will participate in the regular operatic classes in addition to lessons in operatic coaching, playing for rehearsals, and keyboard in the pit as necessary.  Enrolment is limited and admission requires a thorough musical education, a keen interest in opera and a high level of keyboard proficiency.

Stage Director

This course of study is designed to train operatic stage directors.  In addition to assisting on major productions, students will under supervision, prepare and direct opera scenes devised for study and performance.  Only one candidate can be accepted on an annual basis and admission is determined by an audition/interview process.



Note: courses with the prefix OMU may be taken only by students who are enrolled in the Diploma in Operatic Performance Program.