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EMU130Y1 - Introduction to Music Education

Fixed Credit: 0.67

An introduction to concepts and contexts to music education with an emphasis on a critical examination of current practice. Introduction to the basics of various approaches to music teaching and learning.

EMU150H1 - Instrumental Class: Violin

Fixed Credit: 0.17

Introductory study of violin and viola.

Prerequisite: Violin majors: P.I.

EMU151H1 - Instrumental Class: Clarinet

Fixed Credit: 0.17

Introductory study of the clarinet.

Prerequisite: Clarinet majors: P.I.

EMU152H1 - Instrumental Class: Trumpet

Fixed Credit: 0.17

Introductory study of the trumpet.

Prerequisite: Trumpet majors: P.I.

EMU154H1 - Instrumental Class: Guitar

Fixed Credit: 0.17

Introductory study of the guitar. Pedagogical considerations for class guitar instruction in popular and classical guitar styles.

EMU207Y1 - Piano Skills for Professional Musicians/Teachers

Fixed Credit: 0.33

A practice-based course that develops competency in the playing of chord progressions, simple accompaniments, combinations of parts from open choral scores, combinations of transposing parts from instrumental scores, simple sight harmonization of songs, playing by ear, improvisation, and ensemble playing. A music notation software project will be introduced. This course is limited to those with piano skills at a level equivalent to RCM Level 8 or below.

EMU230H1 - Voice Education

Fixed Credit: 0.17

Introductory study of voice production with attention to breathing technique, tone development and vocal diction. This course focuses on the development of the singing voice for students seeking a basic understanding of how the voice works for singing. Recommended for music education, instrumental, keyboard and composition students interested in singing.

Prerequisite: In Year 2.
Exclusion: EMU231Y1; Not open to Voice majors

EMU231H1 - Voice Pedagogy for Young Choirs

Fixed Credit: 0.17

Introductory study of vocal methods for teaching young choirs with attention to breathing techniques, tone production, vocal diction and rehearsal pedagogies relevant to working with children and youth choirs. Recommended for all students interested in learning to work vocally with young singers, ages 6-16.

Prerequisite: In Year 2.

EMU240H1 - Theoretical Inquiry in Music Education

Fixed Credit: 0.50

This course introduces students to theoretical inquiry in music education in the context of diversity related to students, teachers, music, and music educational settings. Through course readings, individual research, classroom interactions, presentations, and writing short essays, students critique existing theories, and develop concepts articulating their own theories of music education that take into account relevant social, political, and ethical questions.

Prerequisite: In Year 2.
Exclusion: EMU275Y1

EMU245H1 - Psychological Foundations of Music Education

Fixed Credit: 0.50

This course provides an advanced study of the psychological bases of music education. Students will critically reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of prevailing psychological theories in the context of music teaching and learning. Through seminar presentations, research, and the examination of scholarly literature, students will explore the field of music psychology.

Prerequisite: In Year 2.
Exclusion: EMU275Y1

EMU252H1 - Instrumental Class: French Horn

Fixed Credit: 0.17

Introductory study of the French horn.

Prerequisite: Horn majors: P.I.

EMU254H1 - Instrumental Class: Trombone

Fixed Credit: 0.17

Introductory study of the trombone.

Prerequisite: Trombone majors: P.I.

EMU256H1 - Instrumental Class: Tuba

Fixed Credit: 0.17

Introductory study of the tuba.

Prerequisite: Tuba majors: P.I.

EMU260H1 - Instrumental Class: Cello I

Fixed Credit: 0.17

Introductory study of the cello.

Prerequisite: Cello majors: P.I.
Exclusion: EMU350H1

EMU262H1 - Instrumental Class: Percussion

Fixed Credit: 0.17

Practical study of percussion instruments. Care and maintenance of instruments and equipment. Ensemble playing.

Prerequisite: Percussion majors: P.I.
Exclusion: EMU352H1

EMU263H1 - Instrumental Class: Flute

Fixed Credit: 0.17

Introductory study of the flute.

Prerequisite: Flute majors: P.I.
Exclusion: EMU353H1

EMU264H1 - Instrumental Class: Oboe

Fixed Credit: 0.17

Introductory study of the oboe.

Prerequisite: Oboe majors: P.I.
Exclusion: EMU354H1

EMU267H1 - Instrumental Class: Saxophone

Fixed Credit: 0.17

Introductory study of the saxophone.

Prerequisite: Saxophone majors: P.I.
Exclusion: EMU357H1

EMU268H1 - Instrumental Class: Bassoon

Fixed Credit: 0.17

Introductory study of the bassoon. One hour, one term.

Prerequisite: Bassoon majors: P.I.
Exclusion: EMU358H1

EMU270H1 - Instrumental Class: Double Bass

Fixed Credit: 0.17

Introductory study of the double bass. One hour, one term.

Prerequisite: Bass majors: P.I.
Exclusion: EMU450H1

EMU330Y1 - Choral Music Education

Fixed Credit: 1.00

The study and practice of choral music with an emphasis on teaching and learning in school and community choral settings. The course will focus on conducting, programming and score study with an emphasis on rehearsal pedagogy.

Prerequisite: EMU130Y1, EMU230H1, EMU240H1, EMU245H1 - Education majors only/ In Year 3.
Exclusion: EMU330H1 and/or EMU331H1

EMU355Y1 - Accompanying

Fixed Credit: 0.33

The course focuses on developing pianistic, musical and verbal skills in order to succeed in a broad spectrum of collaborative opportunities during a professional career. In-class accompanying presentations and lectures introduce students to professional musician/teacher requirements through collaborative training.  Practical experience in improvisation, sight-reading. Assignments appropriate to level of keyboard facility.

Prerequisite: TMU105Y1/TMU107Y1, in Year 2, RCM Grade 9 level Piano or equivalent/P.I.

EMU356Y1 - Instrumental Music I: Curriculum, Conducting, Rehearsal and Repertoire

Fixed Credit: 1.00

A study of techniques for the instruction and administration of wind and string instrumental programs. Analysis and performance of beginning and intermediate band and string orchestra repertoire.

Prerequisite: 5 EMU Instrumental courses or P.I.
Corequisite: PMU380Y1

EMU360H1 - Jazz Improvisation for Music Education

Fixed Credit: 0.50

Development of improvisation skills through applied performance and theoretical analysis in a variety of jazz styles.

Prerequisite: TMU220H1, TMU221H1/TMU230H1, TMU231H1, TMU232H1
Exclusion: Not open to Jazz majors.

EMU370Y1 - Principles & Practice of Music Education for Children I

Fixed Credit: 0.67

This course provides an introduction to the philosophical underpinnings and practice-based theories of music education for children. Students will have the opportunity to study the development of musicianship in childhood and explore common theories and educational approaches through seminars, observations, composition and performance experiences, and microteaching opportunities.

Prerequisite: In Year 3.

EMU371H1 - Multimodal Approaches to Music Teaching and Learning

Fixed Credit: 0.50

This course provides a multitude of approaches to music teaching and learning including informal music learning, music technology, community music and improvisatory and creative musical activities in music classrooms. Students will actively create and perform music while crafting a well-rounded curriculum based on the ideas derived from the course. Philosophical underpinnings of such practices will also be examined.

Prerequisite: EMU240H1, EMU245H1 - Education Majors only/In Year 3.

EMU372Y1 - Movement & Music: Dalcroze Eurhythmics

Fixed Credit: 0.33

This course focuses on the pedagogy of Dalcroze Eurhythmics, a music education approach that examines the intrinsic relationships between physical movement and the learning/performing of music. Students make a kinaesthetic connection to a wide variety of music through invigorating combinations of free movement, choreography, singing, conducting, improvisation and music games.

EMU401H1 - Calls to Action through Music Education

Fixed Credit: 0.50

This course takes the Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission as the Foundation for Curriculum and Pedagogy in Music Education. Students will lead seminars on topics related to their research interest and examine current issues facing Indigenous Peoples through the lens of Reconciliation.

Prerequisite: EMU240H1, EMU245H1

EMU410H1 - Introduction to Research in Music Education

Fixed Credit: 0.50

An introduction to modes of research in music education, with particular reference to principles of research design and effective research procedures. Students will prepare critiques of research material and will be guided in designing research projects.

Prerequisite: EMU240H1, EMU245H1

EMU415H1 - Development of the Wind Band

Fixed Credit: 0.50

An examination of the evolution of the Wind Band from Medieval to contemporary periods. The first half of the course focuses on the Wind Band's artistic and social roles to 1900. The second half of the semester explores significant repertoire since 1900, as well as the more important ensembles, composers, visionaries, and developments.

Prerequisite: In Year 4.