Dean's Statement

Welcome to 2024–2025 undergraduate study at U of T Music! I invite you to explore this Undergraduate Academic Calendar to see a listing of our outstanding faculty, descriptions of our undergraduate programs and courses, and details on financial assistance, student services, and university regulations. There is a lot of information here—please do not hesitate to contact the Faculty of Music Registrar’s Office with any questions that you have.

This Undergraduate Academic Calendar captures only a portion of what goes on at U of T Music. Experiences outside of formal courses also contribute significantly to academic and artistic development. U of T Music will present over 600 events during the year—concerts, masterclasses, workshops, guest lectures, and conferences—given by our students and faculty as well as visiting composers, educators, performers, and scholars. I encourage you to explore these events as well as the diverse and vibrant cultural activities that make Toronto such a special place to live, work, and study.

At the undergraduate level, U of T Music has extensive offerings in fields such as Classical and Jazz performance, music education, composition, music history, music theory, and ethnomusicology. Undergraduate courses also explore popular music studies, music technology, music and health, and a range of interdisciplinary scholarship between music and various fields in the humanities. I encourage you to consider taking at least one course this year outside of your perceived “comfort zone”. Talk with faculty, staff, and other students about your interests and goals; we want to work with you to optimize your learning experience. U of T Music is a community that values a supportive learning environment as we grow together on our musical journeys.

I wish you a year that is brimming with joyful times of making and studying music together. I hope that you will renew friendships and make new ones, ask questions and reach out for support, and progress to new heights as artists, creators, educators, and scholars. I know that your passion for music, commitment to education, and sense of community will inspire those around you.

Best wishes for a fantastic 2024–25 academic year!

Ryan McClelland, Ph.D.
Acting Dean and Professor of Music Theory
Faculty of Music, University of Toronto


Date Range
1918 - 1927
Augustus S. Vogt
1927 - 1952
Sir Ernest MacMillan
1952 - 1968
Arnold Walter (Director)
1953 - 1970
Boyd Neel (Dean)
1970 - 1977
John Beckwith
1977 - 1984
Gustav Ciamaga
1984 - 1990
Carl Morey
1990 - 1995
Paul Pedersen
1995 - 1996
Robert Falck (Acting Dean)
1996 - 2004
David Beach
2004 - 2007
Gage Averill
2007 - 2010
Russell Hartenberger
2016 – 2017
Ryan McClelland (Acting Dean)
2011 - 2021
Don McLean
2021 -Ellie Hisama
2023 - 2024Ryan McClelland (Acting Dean)