Dean's Statement

I am happy to welcome you to the 2023-2024 academic year.

Below is the Undergraduate Academic Calendar.  It provides a wealth of information about the Faculty - its instructors, course offerings, student services, financial support, and much more.  We are thrilled to have returned to fully in-person music teaching and learning; practicing, rehearsing, and performing; and researching and writing.

We are excited to have you engage in the many activities that underpin the student-centred learning community at the Faculty of Music.  We offer exciting opportunities to engage with new ideas and repertories that will expand your knowledge of the rich range of musics across the world as we strive to strengthen inclusion and belonging at the Faculty.  We invite you to explore our fantastic courses in composition, music education, ethnomusicology, music history, and music theory; classical music and jazz performance, music and health, music technology, and popular music studies.  There is something for every student at the Faculty, and you may be excited to learn more about an area you're unfamiliar with.

We are delighted that you have chosen to study music at U of T.  Our enormously dedicated staff and faculty work extremely hard to offer you the finest education possible. The Faculty of Music Undergraduate Association provides a channel for communication with the leadership at U of T Music, as well as a supportive community and exciting activities throughout the year; we encourage you to get to know your fellow students outside the classroom and to explore the amazing cultural offerings in the Greater Toronto Area.  

Sending you all our warmest wishes for a wonderful year ahead.


Ellie M. Hisama, Ph.D.
Dean and Professor
Faculty of Music, University of Toronto



Date Range
1918 - 1927
Augustus S. Vogt
1927 - 1952
Sir Ernest MacMillan
1952 - 1968
Arnold Walter (Director)
1953 - 1970
Boyd Neel (Dean)
1970 - 1977
John Beckwith
1977 - 1984
Gustav Ciamaga
1984 - 1990
Carl Morey
1990 - 1995
Paul Pedersen
1995 - 1996
Robert Falck (Acting Dean)
1996 - 2004
David Beach
2004 - 2007
Gage Averill
2007 - 2010
Russell Hartenberger
2016 – 2017
Ryan McClelland (Acting Dean)
2011 - 2021
Don McLean
2021 - Ellie Hisama