Certificates within the Faculty of Music

Certificates are a sequence of Music courses within specified areas outside of existing Music Programs and Specializations. Completion of the prescribed courses within one or more areas is acknowledged on the transcript.  Certificates are offered in conjunction with a degree. Currently there are Certificates offered in Health Applications in Music, Music Technology, Popular Music Studies and Ethnomusicology and Piano Pedagogy. The course requirements for each of the Certificates are listed below. Courses completed as part of the Music Elective requirement can be counted towards Certificate requirements. In some cases, additional courses beyond the Music Elective requirement must be fulfilled to complete Certificate requirements.

Students who may have completed the requirements of a Certificate must notify the Registrar’s Office by submitting the Declaration of Completion of a Certificate form. This must be done after the last date to drop courses in the winter term of their final year of study, and before the end of term. Successful completion of the Certificate(s) will result in an annotation on the academic transcript.