Fees Information

Tuition fees are established by the Governing Council of the University of Toronto and are subject to change at any time. The two components of the annual fees are: Academic (including instruction and library), and Incidental/Ancillary Fees (including Athletics, Hart House, Health Service, and Student Organizations). Additional ancillary fees may also be assessed for enrolment in a specific faculty and or specific courses. Additional fees may also be assessed to cover special services.

Compulsory fees for registration consist of academic, incidental and ancillary fees. Academic fees vary depending on program of study, and year of admission to the Faculty. All students in the Degree programs are charged a program fee for the four years of study. Students in the Artist Diploma are charged a program fee for the three years of study. A program fee is a set fee for the fall-winter academic session regardless of a student’s course load, provided the load falls within a defined range.

Students who have completed the required number of years for full time study, are eligible to be enrolled in a part time course load for any additional years of study. A load less than 4.0 credits for the fall-winter session constitutes a part time course load. Part time students pay based on the credit weight of the course.

Students who intend to have a course load (for the fall-winter session) that will make you eligible for part time status must notify the Registrar by e-mail before the 1st of September.

Fees Invoice and Payment: Payment is made at a financial institution or through internet/telephone banking. Refer to www.fees.utoronto.ca or your Course Selection Booklet for more details.

Payment Deadlines: A minimum payment consisting any arrears + 100% of the Fall term fees must be made by the published deadline. Students receiving a government student loan/scholarship from the University may be able to defer their fees (Refer to www.fees.utoronto.ca or your Course Selection Booklet for more details). Students who have not paid or deferred their fees by the Registration deadline will be removed from courses.

Late Registration Fee: An administrative fee of $44 plus $5/day will be levied for students registering after the last registration date published in this Calendar.

Service Charges: All fees and charges posted to your account are deemed payable. If not paid in full, any outstanding account balance is subject to a monthly service charge of 1.5% per month compounded (19.56% per annum). Outstanding charges on your account from prior sessions are subject to a service charge as of the 15th of every month until paid in full.

Fees for International Students: In accordance with the recommendations of the Government of Ontario, certain categories of students who are neither Canadian citizens nor permanent residents are charged special academic fees. Refer to the Schedule of Fees for details.

Sanctions on Account of Outstanding Obligations: Recognized University obligations include: tuition fees; academic and other incidental fees; residence fees and other residence charges; library fines; Bookstore accounts; loans made by colleges, faculties or the University; Health Service accounts; unreturned or damaged instruments, musical scores, materials and equipment; orders for the restitution ofproperty or for the payment of damages and fines imposed under the authority of a divisional discipline policy.

The following sanctions are imposed on Faculty of Music students:

  1. Official transcripts of record will not be issued.
  2. The University will not release the diploma nor provide oral confirmations or written certification of degree status to external enquirers.  Indebted graduands will be allowed to walk on stage and have their names appear on the convocation program but will not receive their diploma until their account is paid.
  3. Registration will be refused to a continuing or returning student.
  4. Official letters (e.g., degree eligibility, confirmation of graduation, QECO) will not be issued.


Library Fines

Lost books
Overdue fines:
Lost bound serials
   Books and serials
Lost unbound serials
   Short-term loans books/serials
Damaged books and serials
   Reserved/Recall books/serials

Miscellaneous Fees

Application/Audition Fee – Undergraduate
Recital Recording Fees (JMU385Y/485Y; PMU385Y)
Application/Audition Fee – Advanced Certificate $75.00 Recital Recording Fees (PMU485Y, PMA485Y) $100.00
Building Access Fob (deposit)
Replacement Diploma
Copies of Records
Mailing of Diploma
Copy of Exam
   Within Canada
Duplicate documents
   To USA
Exam Script
   To International destinations
Exchange Prog. Processing Fee
Replacement T Card
Late Registration (requires approval)
$44.00 plus
$5 per day
Letter of Confirmation
Letter of Permission
Special / Deferred Examinations
Locker/lock rental
Special Studio Key/ Specific Instruments
Music & Instrument Fee
Student System Access Fee per session
Instrument Overdue Fines
$1.00/ day
Tax Receipts (Duplicates)
$ 5.00
Petition to re-read exam
Transfer Credit Assessment Fee